CM-240-SB-70 - CENTAMAX Type SB Size 240 Shore 70 Centa

CM-240-SB-70 - CENTAMAX Type SB Size 240 Shore 70 / Original - genuine CENTA product

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These torsional highly elastic CENTAMAX couplings were first introduced in 1980. Since that time they have been proved in numerous difficult applications.

Drives subject to torsional vibration especially diesel engi­ne drives, where the driven components have relatively small inertias and are required to run over a wide speed range from low idling rpm to full engine speed, free from dangerous resonances. For these applications it is desi­rable to shift the critical speeds far enough below engine idling speed so that the whole engine working speed range can be utilized without limitation. 

For such drives a torsionally very soft coupling is more desirable than a torsionally stiff coupling because the whole drive power train is then subjected to very low vibratory torques and is therefore more lowly stressed. 


Important Areas of Application: 

  • Splitter gears, with several hydraulic pumps 
  • Compressors
  • Ship propulsion 
  • Generator sets 
  • Pumping sets 
  • Locomotives


Design Sizes 

The complete range is now comprised of 15 sizes for the torque range from 100 ­ 48000 Nm. This means it ranges from 1­cylinder engines with a few kW up to large multi­ cylinder engines with about 3000 kW capacity. Types 4000 SD and 18000 SD (D means double) are comprised of 2 parallel­ acting elements, in order to increase the torque. 



Inner Hub:    Steel with minimum tensile strength of 600 N/mm(8500 psi). 

Outer ring:    High grade cast aluminium alloy. 

Flexible disc: High quality, natural rubber (NR) in diffe­ rent Shore hardnesses, temperature resis­ tant. 


For applications with high ambient temperature, especial­ly in bell housings, we recommend the high temperature resistant version with Silicon elastomer (SI).


Allowable ambient temperature:
NR: –45°C up to + 90°C 

SI: –45°C up to +120°C