CF-R-114 Centa

CF-R-114 rubber roller set - Centaflex Type R Size 114 rubber roller set _ Original - genuine CENTA product

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The CENTAFLEX-R is a simple robust ROLLER coupling with a progressive torsional characterisation. Ideal for boat drives, providing a very low stiffness at low torque (& speed) which shifts the torsional resonance below idle speed and prevents gearhammer (gear chatter).

Using the rubber-in-compression principle with rubber rollers between cams, the coupling offers high reliability as it is free from a bonding process common in couplings of equal performance.

• Special developed, temperature
resistant elastomer CENTALAN with high damping, suitable for high ambient temperature of more than 100°C (212°F)
• For commercial heavy duty or diffi- cult applications we recommend the special „HD“ rubber rollers, which are also oilresistant.