CF-K-200-SA11,5 D256 Centa

CF-K-200-SA11,5 D256 - Centaflex K 200 SAE 11,5 D256

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The CENTAFLEX-K couplings are torsionally very stiff (almost rigid) enabling drives of hydraulic pumps and similar equipment having low mass of inertia to operate below the critical speeds by moving these above the operating speed range thus providing a drive free of harmful resonances.


Important areas of application

Hydrostatic construction drives, mainly in the medium and low power range, e.g.

Excavators, vibratory rollers, loaders, cranes, dumpers, forklifts, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, road finishers, rail vehicles, agricultural machines, tractors and small compressors.


Salient Features and advantages

• Compact, light, robust, safe in operation, long service life

• Oil resistant and suitable for temperatures of -40° to +150°C (-40° to +300°F)

• High torsional stiffness - allowing operation below critical speed without resonances

• Service-free combination of steel with highly shock resistant, temperature stabilized special Polyamid

• Short mounting length, easy assembly since it can be plugged in axially

• The hubs can be equiped with the proven, patented CENTALOC® clamping. With this the coupling hub can be fitted to splined shafts absolutely free of movement to eliminate fretting

• The hubs can be modified in form and length as needed.

• Various series for standardized SAE-flywheels and non standard flywheels

• Low priced and available from stock