CF-B-120 Centa

CF-B-120 - Centaflex B 120 / Original - genuine CENTA product

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Flexible element:
Standard design, colour: green
The flexible element in its standard design is made of Polyurethane of 90 Shore A hardness, which accepts high loads and is resistant to wear.
The angular deflection at nominal torque is approx. 4° and the characteristic curve is moderately progressive. The flexible element is resistant to both oil and grease, will not age in the presence of oxygen and ozone and is suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C, and up to 100°C for short periods.

Special design “H”, colour: yellow
Very tough Polyester elastomer “Hytrel” with about 98° Shore A.
Oil resistant and stands high temperatures up to 150° degrees Celsius (320° F).
The ideal coupling for flange mounted, well aligned drives, such as hydraulic pumps ets. and as flexible shaft B - H - G.