CF-A-008-0-S-HUB Centa

CF-A-008-0-S HUB spline 16-32 CL HL42

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CENTAFLEX-A highly flexible coupling for a wide range of applications. For a maximum of design variants. 

Based on a highly elastic rubber element subject only to compressive stress. Extremely high-performing design with high torsional elasticity. Dampens torsional vibrations and shocks and compensates considerable axial, radial and angular misalignments. electrically insulating and thermally resistant in silicon design. For rupture-proof and backlash-free transmission of high torques. 


Elastic material:       Natural Rubber (NR)  or Silicone (SI)
Temperature range:
 NR (rubber) -45° to +80°C / Silicone: -45° to +120°C


D.B.P. – 2019608 / DBP 2019608

JAP.Pat. – 778322 / JAP Pat 778322 / JPN Pat 778322

U.S Pat  3683643 / US Pat 3683643